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3 Ways to Make Your Heart HealthierDid you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? One in four people die from it each year, according to the Centers for Disease Co
7 Tips to Combat Seasonal AllergiesIt’s time to welcome fresh air, enjoy outdoor barbecues and run around at the park with family and friends. While embracing these warm activities, you may also face
6 Ways to Fight the FluAs temperatures drop, the spread of cold and flu germs rises. Start the year off healthy and be sure to rid your home of lingering germs that may be hiding in places you don’t e
Helpful Hints for Men\'s Health MonthThe month of June means more than just dusting off the patio furniture and planning for summer activities. It is also Men\'s Health Month, created to raise awareness
How the Internet Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s DiseaseOver the past 10 years, researchers have learned Alzheimer’s disease starts much earlier than the onset of symptoms – 10-20 years before an individ
Take a Holistic Approach to Self-CareWhile you aim to live a full, happy life, achieving it starts with protecting your most valuable asset: your health. Though the pace of life and other external var
How Children Can Receive Free or Low-Cost Preventive CareMedicaid and CHIP benefits include vaccines, regular checkups, dental visitsChildren are among the most vulnerable populations when it comes to
Understanding Common Myths About Prostate HealthWhen it comes to your health, misconceptions about treatment options and their potential side effects can have a negative impact on your overall wellbei
Improving Your Children’s Health3 ways to take a proactive approachAs a sign of the times, Millennial moms continue to lean toward proactive and preventative care when it comes to the health of their
Take a Mindful Approach to Fighting Spring AllergensWhile springtime means blooming flowers, warmer temperatures and more time spent outdoors, it also means allergies and pollen. Tackling dust mite ma

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