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Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain, it’s important to eat a well-balanced diet that includes all th

9 Signs of Progress That Aren’t a Number on the Scale

Think about what triggered your weight-loss journey. It could have been anything from being able to squeeze into an old dress again to appeasing your unrelenting doctor to staying around for you

When Will Running Start Feeling Easier?

Running, in its purest form, may just be the simplest, most effective, least-fussy way to boost your fitness and lose weight. There’s no extra equipment (aside from your shoes), no specific sche

Golden Gratitude

More than simply a glass-half-full attitude, the impacts of gratitude are rich and far-reaching. From enhanced physical and mental health, to improved sleep and lowered stress, to amplified connectedn

The Top 9 Antiviral Essential Oils

Many people run to their doctor at the first sign of a cold or flu, demanding a prescription for antibiotics. But antibiotics are only effective against bacteria, not viruses, which are the true cause

What Happens in the Gut … Goes All the Way to the Lungs

Next time you eat, be sure to load up on lots of colourful plant-based fibre-rich items—and then imagine the trajectory of that good food through your body. Here’s a hint: insoluble fibre in that food

Wildlife Wednesday: Blacktip Reef Shark

Let’s take a deep breath, lift our chins, and fish out some interesting facts about blacktip reef sharks.Although they’re definitely not as big as Jaws, the sight of one of these guys (or gals) near a

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Harsh, freezing weather outside - and dry conditions inside - it\'s time to implement an evening skin care routine to protect skin from the ravages of winter.Cold winds, freezing temperatures, and dry
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