Crushing Kickboxing Class & 19 Other Non-Scale Victories by MyFitnessPal Users


Inspiration from our MyFitnessPal users is nothing new. Each week, you share major non-scale victories with us on the MyFitnessPal Facebook page, showing us that reaching your goal weight is only one of many achievements along your fitness journey. Here’s a serious dose of motivation from fellow users:

1. Racing for a great cause and crushing your time while you’re at it

2. Flying free and happy through the trees

3. When the kickboxing instructor turns up the heat and you do, too

4. Sweating your way into an amazing dress

5. Feeling good about your body is the hardest and most important part of the journey

6. We can’t describe the feeling after a great workout much better than this

7. Keep logging, and the progress will keep coming

8. A distance run up an Olympic ski jump (now that’s a hill workout)

9. It’s hard to fight cravings, but it feels so good when you do

10. We hope you’ll rock that swimsuit all summer long, Roxanne

11. Buying clothes to fit your leaner, stronger body

12. Battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma like an absolute champion (we are so inspired by you, Isabella!)

13. Sliding right into a favorite pair of old jeans

14. Making healthy food choices when confronted by sugary treats

15. Feeling energized after a week of killer workouts

16. Trying out a new creative hobby

17. Sometimes your dog is the perfect running buddy

18. Sounds like you’re building fabulous muscle tone, Marcy

19. Keep making positive changes, and you’ll keep gaining momentum

20. Showing off your hard work in a bikini this summer

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