11 Hot Weather Workout Hacks from MFP Users


Summertime heat can make it difficult to exercise outdoors. Beat the heat and stay active with these great hot weather workout hacks from fellow MyFitnessPal users.

1. Dial up a digital workout.

2. Follow a workout on your gaming console.

3. Prevent overheating with a lower pace and distance.

4. Work up a sweat around the house.

5. Jam away on an indoor treadmill.

6. Anything is possible with an air conditioned gym.

7. Put on your sneakers and go on early morning jogs.

8. Put on your mixtape!

9. Stay cool in the pool.

10. Get it done early.

11. Wait until it cools down at night.

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, take a spin at this indoor interval workout. For more hot weather workout ideas, try our Easy-to-Follow Indoor Bootcamp and 8 Low-Impact Indoor Cardio Workouts.

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