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\"\"A new study found another possible unappetizing consequence of late night dining: an increased risk for sunburn. jcari
\"\"Micellar water contains purified water with tiny balls of cleansing oil called micelles. These balls act like little m
\"\"An 18-year-old in France is getting a second tattoo on his arm. Like many other teens, he did not wait until he was 18
\"\"The ideal, recommended application of sunscreen every few hours butts up against the reality of how and when people ac
\"\"Petroleum jelly has hundreds of uses for skincare, beauty care and even DIY hacks. Douglas Sacha/Getty ImagesPetroleu
\"\"Emily Kalk has a cyst removed from her neck by \"Dr. Pimple Popper\" Sandra Lee on Nov. 16, 2015 in Uplands, California.
\"\"Even though manicures have gotten more and more expressive, nothing is classier than a great coat of red polish. Ian G
\"\"OPI Man Repeller nail polish is just one example of the nail polish brand\'s fantastic naming practice. Astrid Stawiarz
\"\"Although it shows up more on darker skin, ashy skin can affect people of all ethnicities. LaylaBird/Getty ImagesIf you
\"\"If you do find lice in your beard, can you get rid of it without shaving? bymuratdeniz/Getty Images\"Do you suppose tha

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