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Plastic is all around us. From the always-overflowing recycling bin in the corner of your kitchen, or the overwhelming amount of plastic waste lining our coastlines, to the teeny tiny microplastics th
While women generally have an easier time talking about our health than do our male counterparts, one area in which we lag behind is being open about our digestive issues. A guy may “let one rip” and
There’s been a lot of buzz around the health benefits of probiotics in recent years. While it may seem too good to be true, those tiny micro-organisms really do have some remarkable healing properties
We’ve long known that regular physical activity lowers your risks of numerous types of cancer—in some cases, by up to 20 percent. But what about during and after your cancer treatment? The world’s lea
Without getting all doom and gloom, the unavoidable truth is that our environment is way more toxic than it was when our great-grandparents grew up. And that’s changing what we need to do to keep our
At its most basic, neurogenesis describes the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain. We have about 100 billion neurons (what we sometimes call brain cells). According to the National In
While we pay close attention to our body’s detox systems and work to support them through lifestyle choices, how many of us are thinking of detoxing our brains too? Here are some helpful detox tips to
When it comes to heart health, food can be your best medicine. Protecting this vital organ goes beyond avoiding unhealthy foods. To slash your risk of heart woes, it’s also important to up your intake
Indeed, for too long in the Western scientific community, matters of the heart were kept separate from our physiological health. But, there’s an increasing awareness—one that many cultures have known
Six out of 10 Canadians are overweight or obese—a number that’s been rising for years. Simultaneously, the number of adults with eating disorders or on never-ending diet plans is also at record levels

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