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Sometimes, it can feel like you’re on the right track with nearly everything — eating healthy, logging your food,
As you age, there is a certain amount of muscle mass loss and function that occurs in a process called sarcopenia,
Cardio workouts definitely have their place when it comes to weight loss, since you can burn a nice amount of calo
Menopause has a clear definition that helps women know when they’re on the other side of their fertility. It’s the
If you’ve ever walked up several flights of stairs and felt more winded than the last time you ran a mile, it isn’
You start your health journey in a dramatic way, by significantly changing your diet — maybe choosing a trendy opt
Many people, who may have maintained their weight easily in their 20s and 30s, start to feel more challenged when
Anyone working on losing weight and creating healthy habits can tell you it takes time, dedication and patience. I
Eating mostly whole foods in lieu of processed ones is a common weight-loss and maintenance strategy. And it’s a g
Congratulations: You worked hard to hit your goal weight and you made it. However, maintaining weight loss might b

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