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Whether it’s Atkins, Paleo or keto, these trendy fad diets have one thing in common — limiting carbs. Some researc
So much attention is focused on how to lose weight that once the weight is off, we’re left wondering: now what? We
Health and wellness habits can be more difficult to keep up when you have a packed social calendar or are travelin
The process of losing weight can feel like a roller coaster. At first, you might be dropping pounds fast and it’s
Triglycerides and cholesterol levels are often measured and reported together in a lipid profile when you visit yo
Eating mostly whole foods in lieu of processed ones is a common weight-loss and maintenance strategy. And it’s a g
Ask an expert or anyone, and they will agree there’s no secret fast track to long-term weight loss. It requires co
If you’ve ever paid close attention to your eating habits — by keeping a food log, tracking macros, following a me
When it comes to weight loss, you know just about everything you’re supposed to remove from your life — processed
If you refuse to try quinoa, recoil at the texture of tomatoes — or, gasp, avocados — and insist that certain food

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