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As you age, there is a certain amount of muscle mass loss and function that occurs in a process called sarcopenia,
You start your health journey in a dramatic way, by significantly changing your diet — maybe choosing a trendy opt
Many people, who may have maintained their weight easily in their 20s and 30s, start to feel more challenged when
Congratulations: You worked hard to hit your goal weight and you made it. However, maintaining weight loss might b
Eating meat and eating vegetables don’t have to be mutually exclusive, obviously. While getting protein from meat
In general, weight loss is a good thing. As the CDC notes, even losing 5–10% of your total body weight can lower b
The children’s television host Mister Rogers famously weighed himself every day after going for a swim. Such was h
Is there a correlation between the amount of time you spend at the gym and the number of calories you consume? Yes

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