7 Surprising Stress Busters


7 Surprising Stress Busters

Feeling stressed? Here\’s how to take control of the moment and relax, whether you\’re at work, at home, or at school.

Get outside for a short breakBeing outside in nature reduces our stress and boosts our overall health—even if it’s just for a few minutes. Schedule a walking meeting with your coworkers, take a quick walk around the block, or head to the park after dinner.
Do one small task
According to experts, doing any small niggling task can make us feel more productive and reduce our stress. So back up your computer, make that dentist appointment, or clean the bathroom. You’ll feel better just having something to check off your to-do list.
Have a laugh
Maybe watching cat videos online isn’t so bad after all! Having a light-hearted attitude contributes to overall well-being, and taking a few minutes to laugh is a welcome break from stressing out over work projects or studying for exams. Other ideas? Watch a comedy movie with your family, check out an improv comedy show, or take a laughter yoga class.
Plan something fun
This one’s a no-brainer: if your schedule is all work, as far as the eye can see, you’ll be more likely to be stressed and anxious. If you have something to look forward to, however, you might go through the day with more of a spring in your step. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something big (like a yoga retreat or tickets to that amazing sports game) or small (like a pedicure at the end of a week, or a lunch date with a friend), as long as you have something fun on the horizon.
Pet the dog (or cat…)
There’s a reason that dogs are used to brighten moods in hospitals and nursing homes—they really do lower our stress levels. So spend some time every day with your favourite animal companion! They’ll appreciate it, too.
Clean up
Look around you—is it nearly impossible to see the tabletop under all the papers? Your environment can definitely contribute to your stress, and clearing the clutter around you might help. Feeling more ambitious? Learn about the minimalist movement and how to de-clutter your house from top to bottom.
Use aromatherapyNatural essential oils have long been known to boost mood and reduce stress. Some people love lavender and find that it can even help them sleep, while other people swear by the bright and cheery scent of citrus.

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