Whole-Body Fitness for Everyone


Whole-Body Fitness for Everyone

No matter what your fitness concerns are, we’\’ve got a whole-body workout for you!

Why is whole-body fitness so important? Of course, it means you’ll be tightened and toned all over, and you’ll have a more diverse workout. But it’s also important because there really is no such thing as spot reduction.
While you can certainly work on certain muscle groups, you can’t choose to lose weight in a certain area of your body. For instance, to get a six pack, you have to lose enough weight for the muscles to be seen under your skin; that means doing cardio for overall fat burning. Plus, sit-ups will only do so much—you have to strengthen all four groups of abdominal muscles. For this reason, planks are mightier than crunches.
No matter who you are or what your fitness concerns are, we’ve got a whole-body workout for you!
If you spend your time at the cardio machines …
It’s understandable if you find weight machines and free weights daunting—it’s hard to know where to start. But if you’re shying away from strength training because you’re afraid of bulky muscles, don’t fear! Unless you’re power lifting, it’s very unlikely that you’ll build enough muscle mass to look bulky. What strength training will do, though, is help build healthy bone mass, as well as boost your metabolic rate, meaning that you’ll naturally burn more calories at rest, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.
To get started, check out our articles “Weight Training for Women” and “Proper Exercise Technique.”
You may also benefit from a series of personal training sessions.
If you’re short on time …
Who isn’t? Don’t worry—this “10-Minute Sweat Session” is for you!
If you want to try something new …
All you may need is a new piece of equipment and a handful of new exercises. If that’s the case, try out this medicine ball whole-body workout. If you’re looking for something totally out of the box that will still challenge every part of your body, why not try out cardio kickboxing or a ballet-inspired barre class?
If you need motivation ….Set a goal for yourself to get through the rainy, snowy days. January is the perfect time of year to come up with a plan to improve your fitness. Check out our article “New Year, No Fear, New You” for a whole-body strategy.

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